Product Lead

2017 — 2020


Berkeleytime is a student-founded course discovery web-app acquired by, and now operating under, the ASUC Office of the CTO.

In 2017, I joined Berkeleytime as the team's first designer. I was tasked with leading a huge overhaul of the site. Over the course of two years, I worked hand-in-hand with PM and engineering to reimagine the site and build up its design system. During my time on the BT team, I brought design to the forefront of product and team decisions. On the product side, I created the Berkeleytime design system from scratch in Figma, led the redesign of our core web and mobile experiences, and created the MVP for our course scheduler. On the team side, I initiated our first-ever design recruitment schedule, growing the design team from one to three, and led our first user research and user testing sessions.

Old site

The current redesigned site

In addition to the design overhaul, our engineering team was radically changing the codebase. Our frontend team worked extensively to rewrite the site in React/Redux. Towards the launch of our second major redesign, I contributed directly to the codebase, learning React in order to work in parallel with the frontend team as we built out a new design system into code.

I learned React and SCSS, working closely with the frontend team to ensure components and styles would be reusable in the future.

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