Product Design Internship

Summer 2018


Adobe Lightroom is the go-to photo editing application in the Creative Cloud Suite used by both professional and novice photographers.

Lightroom CC is a photo-editing and organizational tool used by professional photographers. It, along with its original counterpart, Lightroom Classic, is considered the industry standard for editing.

During my time at Adobe, my team was working on incredibly exploratory projects, such as launching a redesign of the app and imagining what an online photography community could look like.


My projects focused on how Lightroom could leverage machine learning and AI technology to ehance the overall experience of the new Lightroom CC.

Throughout the summer, I created and delivered prototypes using Adobe’s existing design system, Spectrum, that I had the opportunity to user test and iterate on.

Design interns post-final presentation!

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about my work.

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